Does your child need our services?

Are you concerned about your child's development? Do they seem to have trouble understanding or following directions? Are they having difficulty adjusting to school? Is your child frustrated with him/herself? You can ease your mind and help your child by having him/her evaluated and/or treated for speech, language, reading, writing, oral motor, feeding, or swallowing difficulties at TheraKids, Inc. (See pages under "Services We Offer" for further information on our therapy work)

The Speech-Language Pathologists at TheraKids are trained in the evaluation and treatment of children with special needs, children with articulation and language disorders, as well as children with learning disabilities. Here are some questions to determine if your child needs an evaluation. If the answer is yes to some/all the questions, your child may need an evaluation:

Speech Evaluation: 

Does your child produce speech sounds appropriately for their age? Are they 3 years old or older and still not understood when they speak?
Are they picked on by other children because of their speech? Are they frustrated with their own speech?

Language Evaluation:

Is your child having difficulty functioning in the school environment? Is your child falling behind on their assignments and/or having difficulty following directions?
 Does your child have difficulty learning new information?  

 Reading/Dyslexia Evaluation:   

 Does your child have difficulty reading a simple sentence and interpreting the meaning of the sentence?  Does your child have difficulty answering questions about the content of a story?
 Does your child have difficulty identifying the main idea and supporting details of information read?  Does your child have trouble reading fluently?
 Does your child have trouble reading words accurately?  Does your child have difficulty identifying the sounds that letters make?
 Can your child distinguish letters from the sounds that they make?  Can your child blend sounds together to make words?
 Does your child have age appropriate spelling skills?  Is your child performing well in school?

 Written Language Evaluation: 

 Does your child take longer than average to complete written assignments?  Does your child verbally express thoughts/ideas, but have difficulty writing the same thoughts/ideas?
 Does your child have difficulty determining or using appropriate punctuation and capitalization?  Does your child have trouble with spelling?
 Does your child have trouble with writing assignments in school?  
Language Processing Evaluation:

 Does your child have difficulty following directions?  Does your child have difficulty learning when given only auditory information?
 Does your child have difficulty organizing information?  Does your child shy away from school work?

Does your child have trouble remembering common words?Does your child misuse words that have a similar sound?
Fluency/Stuttering Evaluation:

 Does your child seem to be "stuck" on sounds or words?  Does your child prolong or repeat "er" or "um"?
 Does your child prolong initial sounds in words (i.e. mmmmmm-mommy)?  Does your child prolong sounds/parts of words/words and show struggle or tension in their lips/tongue and/or throat?
 Early Language Evaluation -
Your Child Should Exhibit the Following Behaviors:

 Newborn babies - should cry or startle from sudden or loud sounds 
 By 2 to 3 Months - babies should recognize familiar voices; have begun to "coo"  
 By 4 months - babies can localize (turn towards) sounds; make non-speech sounds like "raspberries," yelling, growling, etc.  
 By 6 months - babies should begin babbling  
 By 9 months - babies should begin imitating some vocalizations/sounds  
 By 12 months - most children have used their first word  
 *Note -- if at any time between birth and 12 months your child does not make sounds, or begins making them and then stops, there may be a problem.
Oral Motor/Feeding/Swallowing Evaluation:

 Does your infant have difficulty latching on or staying attached to breast or bottle during feedings?
 Does your infant fatigue very easily during feedings? 
 Does your infant have a lot of formula, breast milk, or saliva that spills from his/her mouth during or after feeding?
 Does your infant have greater than normal amounts of vomiting or projectile vomiting after eating?
 Is your baby not gaining enough weight to maintain adequate placement on the growth chart?
 Is your baby having significant difficulty transitioning from Stage 2 foods to Stage 3 and table foods?
*By the age of 6 months, your child should have begun to nibble or munch.