AAC Devices/Systems

We offer evaluation and treatment for children who require the use of an AAC device. AAC devices are Alternative Augmentative Communication devices. They may be a computer dedicated to the purpose (such as products from Tobii Dynavox or Prentke Romich), a computer or tablet that has a program/application on it (such as an iPad with Proloquo2go), or a low-tech device such as the use of a BIGMack button or the Picture Exchange Communication System. These all help to augment (or add on to) verbal language. It also is an option in cases where verbal language is not a possibility. The device may produce a computer generated voice that can help your child to further verbalize.

Initial evaluation for an AAC device may include:

  • Thorough review of your child's medical history as related to his/her language difficulties
  • Assessment of your child's language skills
  • Assessment of your child's speech skills
  • Thorough examination of the oral cavity and any related oro-facial features
  • Review of findings from language, speech, and oral evaluation
  • Discussion regarding possible areas of treatment and the possible use of an augmentative device

Secondary assessment for an AAC device may include:

  • Evaluation and trial with an AAC device(s) to rule-out and determine the best possible choices for communication. 
  • Findings from this evaluation will be discussed, as well as a recommended form of communication. 
  • Your child may start with a low-tech option, such as PECS, to help strengthen their communication skill, and transition to a more high tech device. Although this is not a prerequisite to using a high tech device, establishing communicative intent can be helpful in some cases.

We are able to help families with the process of acquiring a device for trials dependent on insurance type and coverage available. We can help to coordinate with school therapists and augmentative teams to help communication efforts to be successful in all environments.  We are eager to help your child to find a voice and way to communicate!

Please feel free to contact us if you should have any additional questions.